Sad soul.



Spent the weekend living in a lighthouse. Here’s some painty doodles I did there.

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Anonymous asked: It's C. Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted


Okay and stay safe. :)

Anonymous asked: It's C. He hasn't said anything to me and that girl is still here. I'm going to Delaware today for a week and I'm happy I'm getting away from him but I know I have to come back to him. I can't tell anyone about this. He could go to jail. My uncle sexually abused me when I was small and that's why I'm in foster care. The system failed me and he walked free. I'm not going through that torture again.


You could use some time in that week to think about things and maybe if you’re both ready you can talk to each other and settle things. I’m sorry to hear that though. No one deserves to be treated like that and I hope you wont have to go through it again.

Anonymous asked: I cut. I want help, but I don't know how.. It would kill my mother if I told her, and I don't trust my counsellor enough. I want to tell my best friend, but how do I know she won't hate me? She's the only friend I have and I'm so scared she'll leave.


you could ask your friend about her opinions about people who cut. And maybe afterwards you can tell her about it, if she’s really your friend, she’ll understand and help you.

You’re wonderful and if it helps you could try and pray because it helped me maybe it could do the same to you.

Anonymous asked: The foster thing was from me. C. I also just overdosed on prozac and lamictal


I know it’s tough but that can never be the answer. I am not really professional at this but I think it’s best if you also ask help to those who knows best because I know it will have the best effect for you. You’re a wonderful person and I dont want you doing any of this.

Anonymous asked: I've been having sex with my foster mothers older son for going on 2 years. He says he loves me and wants a relationship but there's this girl that comes around. Everyone says that's his girlfriend. He says she's a friend. But last night she spent the night in his room with his boxers on. I want to believe that he's telling me the truth. But I know I'd be lying to myself. So last night, I slapped him hard across the face. I feel the need to cut myself again. I need to get away. Please help me.


Please don’t cut your self, hun. I know you’re in a tough situation even I wouldn’t know what I could do if I was in your situation. Did this guy talked to you after what happened? You should also ask for help of the people that are closest to you because they know you best, it’s hard I know but you’ll find your way. Keep moving forward, you can do this.

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